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07 December, 2016

C&P Team-building 2016 | Redefining Teamwork And Celebrating Camaraderie

The sun did not disappoint us on December 01 2016. It was a perfect sunny day only the heat was higher on Agua Villa Resort – where we spent our Team-building and Christmas Party. Everyone partied and enjoyed like there was no other day to celebrate our friendship and success.

The party would not have been a great success without everyone’s attendance, support, cooperation, and sense of responsibility. I am at the happiest seeing how our team works together harmoniously. From day one of planning to the actual day. Seeing everyone work and enjoy together assures me that our team is top of the line and unbreakable. I give my respect to you all!

Team building games - I would like to extend my congratulations to all of you who have joined the activity. I hope that you’ve all gained new strengths and found some weaknesses to work on. To team 3 lead by Andreas, with members Ava, Nicko, Jay, Irriel, and Fred, thank you for the cooperation and for bringing the heat of the moment higher. You guys were amazing!

Here is a preview of our activities:

Game 1 - Shoot At Sight!
WINNING TEAM - Team 2 – Daniel, Rune, Clint, Mia, Minette, and JR.

The participants were divided into groups. They were then shown a list of items to take pictures of using one mobile phone camera per team. The team that submits all pictures first is announced as the winner of this game.

Facilitators' observations: The winning team has very good planning skills. They made sure that they understand the instructions correctly before proceeding to taking action, they focussed on finding quicker and intelligent ways to accomplish the feat before the other teams. The team showed team work, communication and proper delegation of work. Good job and very well played!

Game 2 - Navigating the Mine Field!
WINNING TEAM - Team 2 – Daniel,Rune, Clint, Mia, Minette, and JR.

A trust exercise. This exercise is about putting people in a situation where they will have to trust their partner to navigate a “mine field”. This is also about enhancing communication strategies and skills.

Facilitators' observations: The winning team showed excellent planning skills, strong communication strategies, and trust. This was very well played.

Game 3 - Spaghetti Marshmallow tower Challenge!
WINNING TEAM – Team 1 – Frizza, Kate, Karoline, Francis, Nino
This game tests the overall effectivity of the team. Planning skills, innovation, and leadership. The goal of this game is to build the highest tower out of spaghetti, strings, and tape that can hold up a single marshmallow on top.

Facilitators' observations: The winning team did not only show their great planning skills but also their capability to adjust to the short deadline. They were able to follow through with their original plans and make creative adjustments along the way. They were also able to perform well by dividing the tasks to everyone and were able to resolve issues by properly testing their work throughout the activity. Nino said, that he focussed on the base of the tower while other members focused on the body of the tower and made sure that it would withstand the weight of the marshmallow. And low and behold, their tower stood up high and mighty!

I give high praise to the winner of this challenge. They’ve proven to us that even if we encounter hardships (marshmallow) that may weigh our tower down (C&P), we can always withstand the weight of the problems with proper planning, establishing of roles, innovation, hard-work, commitment, loyalty, and outstanding team play. After all, a strong team is always built to last.

Once again, thank you so much everyone!


– Queeny Villaflores -

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